Information on dividend payments

Financial Year

Dividend Period

Dividend Amount

Dividend Amount

Record Date1

Payment Date

2020/21 Special 180 129.61 March 26, 2021 May 11, 2021
2020/21 Interim 72.9 52.49 March 26, 2021 May 11, 2021

The date by which a shareholder must officially own shares in order to be entitled to a dividend.

Other information relating to Dividends


Dividends are declared in US dollars and shareholders can choose between payment in US dollars or pounds sterling (or other currencies as detailed below). From March 8, 2021, the default payment currency for dividends is US dollars unless shareholders provide an instruction for payment to be in an alternative currency.

Shareholders who were on the register as at the close of business on March 5, 2021 with no currency election in place for US dollars, will continue to receive dividends in pounds sterling. The foreign exchange rate at which dividends declared in US dollars are to be converted into pounds sterling is announced in advance of the payment date of each dividend. If you would like to make a currency election pounds sterling, please go to: https://www-us.computershare.com/Investor/#Home. Alternatively, please complete and return the form below.

Ferguson GBP dividend election and mandate form 

International Currency Election (“ICE”) service 

Computershare is also able to offer an ICE service. Shareholders who wish to use this service to receive dividend payments in an alternative currency to US dollars or pounds sterling should acknowledge the relevant terms and conditions and provide an instruction to receive an alternative currency.  Please note if you had previously provided an overseas payment instruction to Equiniti (prior to January 8, 2021), those instructions will need to be resubmitted and the new terms and conditions agreed. To provide an instruction through the ICE service, please visit the Investor Center portal www-us.computershare.com/Investor/#Home. Alternatively, please complete and return the form below.

International Currency and Wire Payment Registration Form

Depositary Interest holders

Dividends for holders of Depositary Interests, being participants within CREST, will continue to receive pounds sterling as the default currency.  An election for US dollars can be presented and previously recorded evergreen elections for US dollars will, unless revoked, remain valid. Payment in either currency will be payable directly through the CREST system. Where a CREST payment preference has not been registered it will be paid by check or credited to a UK bank, as instructed, in pounds sterling only.  Partial currency elections are also permitted.

Method of payment

Shareholders can have their cash dividends credited directly to their bank accounts by arrangement with Computershare US, the company’s transfer agent and registrar. Shareholders who do not elect to receive a payment electronically, will receive their dividends via check. 

Holders of Depositary Interests will receive their payments via CREST.

Dividend reinvestment plan

Following the additional listing on NYSE on March 8, 2021, Ferguson plc is not permitted to provide a new DRIP service for a period of 90 days.  Any dividends declared and paid during this time will be paid in the form of cash only (in line with your currency election and recorded payment method).

Shareholders who previously participated in the DRIP are encouraged to check and update their currency election and preferred payment method.


As the Company is a Jersey registered company, any dividends should be treated as foreign dividends for UK tax payers.

In addition, shareholders that elect to receive their dividends in US dollars will receive a payment from Computershare US and may be required to complete and submit a tax certification form, known as a W-8BEN (for non-US residents) or W9 (for US residents) (collectively, “US Tax Certification Form”), regardless as to whether they are a US resident or individual.  Shareholders that have elected for US dollars but do not complete and submit a valid US Tax Certification Form may be subject to US withholding tax deductions at the current rate of 24% on their dividends proceeds. Please note, a completed W-8BEN form is valid for up to three years. Following this three year period, an updated W-8BEN form will need to be submitted to Computershare US.

To support those holders receiving dividends in pounds sterling, the Company has, in the short term, put in place arrangements for such dividends to be paid by Computershare Jersey. As long as these arrangements are in place, this does not require shareholders receiving pounds sterling to submit a US Tax Certification Form to Computershare US. 

Where applicable, shareholders will need to certify their tax status which can be done directly with Computershare by logging into the Investor Center portal (www-us.computershare.com/Investor/#Home). Alternatively, they can access the US Tax Certification Form by visiting the IRS website. Please note, even if shareholders are not required to submit a US Tax Certification Form at this time, they can still provide the relevant details to Computershare. 

Contact Computershare

Please see our 'Contact Us' page for details of how to contact Computershare US via telephone.

You can also find useful information on the Computershare US website: https://www-us.computershare.com/Investor/#Help