Information on dividend payments

Financial Year

Dividend Period

Dividend Amount

Dividend Amount

Record Date1

Payment Date

2019/20 Final 208.2 154.84 November 13, 2020 December 11, 2020

The date by which a shareholder must officially own shares in order to be entitled to a dividend.

Other information relating to Dividends


Dividends are declared in US dollars and shareholders can choose between payment in US dollars or pounds sterling. The default payment currency for dividends is pounds sterling unless shareholders elect for payment to be in US dollars. The foreign exchange rate at which dividends declared in US dollars are to be converted into pounds sterling is announced in advance of the payment date of each dividend.

If you would like to elect to receive your dividend in US dollars please go to:

Ferguson currency election form

Method of payment

Shareholders can have their cash dividends credited directly to their UK bank accounts by arrangement with Computershare, the company’s registrars. Shareholders who have elected to receive their dividends in USD will receive a check, unless they have elected in CREST to receive a USD payment.

Dividend reinvestment plan

Following the change of share registrar on 9 January 2021, it is our intention to retain a DRIP service where any current elections will be carried across. As a DRIP requires a certain amount of time to establish, should a dividend be declared in the coming weeks, further guidance will be provided to confirm if a DRIP service will be active in time for the payment date. However, in light of Brexit and the future relationship between the United Kingdom (UK) and the European Union (EU), we regret that, as it stands, we are not be able to provide the DRIP service for EEA resident shareholders.  Any affected shareholders who had previously participated in the DRIP will now receive dividends in GBP and by check.  Please revert to Computershare’s Investor Centre should you wish to receive your cash dividend credited directly to a UK bank account or receive your dividend in USD by check.

Shareholders who do not currently participate in the plan and wish to do so can find more information on the Computershare website.


As the Company is a Jersey registered company, any dividends should be treated as foreign dividends for UK tax payers.

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