Commercial/ Mechanical

Commercial / Mechanical provides commercial plumbing and mechanical contractors with products and services including bidding and tendering support and timeline planning to assist with their construction projects.

Key products and services:

  • Jobsite delivery and logistics
  • Quotation services (partnering with customers on bids/tenders)
  • Project management
  • Plumbing parts and supplies
  • Pipe, valves and fittings
  • Hangers, struts and fasteners

Projects typically span weeks or months with Ferguson’s established supply chain logistics ensuring the appropriate products are delivered at the correct time throughout the course of the job.

We often serve plumbers and mechanical contractors focused on new commercial construction projects or repair and remodel projects including schools, hospitals, office buildings and hospitality venues. The plumbing contracts are often awarded based on bids from a set of building plans and specifications. For the mechanical contractor, whose primary focus is the heating, cooling and water delivery systems in the building, contracts are awarded based on bids and specifications but also take into account the relationship and service provided when supporting the design of these intricate systems. We also sell to service contractors affiliated with either customer type mentioned above, focused on smaller jobs, remodels and immediate service needs in those building types.

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