Facilities Supply

Facilities Supply provides products, services and solutions to enable reliable maintenance and renovation of commercial facilities.

Key highlights 2018/19

  • Excellent growth in multi-family and hospitality sectors
  • Continued to use technology to increase productivity and improve customer service
  • Leveraged ferguson.com to free up associate time to serve our customers

Key products and services

  • Janitorial supplies
  • Door and cabinet hardware
  • Appliances
  • Lighting
  • Paint equipment

Facilities Supply operates across several repair, maintenance and improvement markets. The majority of deliveries are made directly from Ferguson’s distribution centre network to customer store rooms within a facility. Customers include multi‑family properties, government agencies, hospitality, education, healthcare, commercial properties or building service contractors.

During the year the business grew well with excellent growth in the multi-family properties and hospitality sectors. The renovation business side of Facilities Supply has continued to grow organically and with the acquisition of Dogwood Supply.

We continue to use technology to increase productivity and improve customer service. Our outside sales team is using customer mapping technology to increase efficiency when calling on customers and we have developed an in-depth customer feedback process to help us identify and improve customer service in real-time. We encourage customers to use ferguson.com and system to system integrations freeing up associate time to serve our customers.

The market is both large and highly fragmented with no competitors holding more than 3 per cent market share. Ferguson’s market share is estimated at approximately 1 per cent.