Residential Digital Commerce

Residential Digital Commerce leverages our US product categories and supply chain with the majority of revenue generated through Build with Ferguson (Build.com).

Key Highlights 2020/21:

  • Expanded capabilities in our showrooms by leveraging our Build with Ferguson platform
  • Rebranded “Build.com” to “Build with Ferguson”
  • Expanded customer choice with additional product offerings

Key products and services:

  • Call center support and advice
  • Appliances
  • Door and cabinet hardware
  • Bathroom, kitchen and lighting products

Residential Digital Commerce sells home improvement products directly to professional trade customers and consumers online predominantly using the Group’s existing product lines and distribution network. The majority of Residential Digital Commerce is conducted through the brand “Build with Ferguson”, which is supported by a dedicated customer support center. The center is staffed with knowledgeable Ferguson associates who deliver expert advice across all product categories. This differentiation gives us a competitive advantage against the other large competitors in the space.

We continue to evolve our digital commerce model, investing in the Ferguson brand to drive a best-in-class  omnichannel experience to support both professional trade customers and consumers, in particular the light decorative pro, and consumers. During the year we rebranded “Build.com” to “Build with Ferguson” to ensure a consistent approach to branding across the business. 

Additionally, we have expanded capabilities within our showroom network by leveraging our Build with Ferguson platform. This allows a seamless omnichannel experience for the customer as they can place orders directly from the showroom. By leveraging the Build with Ferguson platform and our projects tool, a home improvement tool designed to gather inspiration, plan, organize and collaborate with others in real-time, we are better able to service the project-minded consumer

Throughout the year we saw a sustained period of rapid growth as consumers focused their attention on home improvement projects. We continue to expand the breadth of products available, both with branded and own brand items, in order to give our customers greater levels of choice. During the year, we acquired Amerock, an own brand cabinet hardware business, which has helped us to offer greater levels of choice across both Residential Digital Commerce and our physical network in categories such as cabinet pulls, knobs and hinges.

While we are able to deliver to the vast majority of the US population in one day, we continue to prioritize investments to improve delivery times and further our appliance installation services.

Ferguson has an estimated 9 per cent market share of the Residential Digital Commerce sector with an addressable market worth approximately $24 billion.