Culture & Values

It's our unique company culture that helps make Ferguson such an exciting and rewarding place to work

At Ferguson there is a very distinctive culture – an attitude and a way of working that’s common to all our people.

We want to be the best at what we do. This is a fast-paced and ever changing environment so we’re continually looking for ways to improve. We’ll push ourselves to perform to the very highest standards, exploring new ideas and approaches and taking advantage of all the training and opportunities that Ferguson provides.

If this sounds like an exciting place to work and a place where you might thrive, then a career at Ferguson might just be for you.

Three values at the heart of everything we do

Our values are consistent across the Group, though local businesses may interpret them slightly differently.

The principles have been discussed with employees throughout the Group and are reinforced through regular communications from the Chief Executive and senior management. They are also embedded in the way we conduct our performance reviews – both of our operations and our people.

We act with integrity

  • We conduct our activities with fairnesshonesty and 
  • We take responsibility for our actions and do not blame others
  • We have the courage to do the right thing for Ferguson, our people, customers and suppliers

We drive for results and improvement

  • We have a ‘can do’ spirit and hold ourselves accountable for meeting our promises
  • We listen and respond to the needs of our customers, then exceed their expectations
  • We are not happy with the status quo and constantly strive to improve
  • We review our performance regularly and take action to improve it
  • We aim to be the best at what we do, and commit to continuous learning
  • We share best practice with colleagues

We value our people

  • We provide training and development opportunities so that our people can do an outstanding job
  • We embrace learning new skills and approaches
  • We understand, respect and value personal and cultural differences
  • We are open and honest in all our dealings with our people
  • We expect our leaders to lead by example