“We are committed to progressing our environmental, social and governance priorities together, and we have a great opportunity ahead to help transform the company in which we work, the industries in which we operate and the world in which we live."

CEO Kevin Murphy 

Ferguson’s Board-approved ESG Framework is carefully built from Ferguson’s priority ESG issues identified through our risk management and stakeholder priorities assessments. It comprises the key sustainability topics informing and influencing our business strategy and structures our overall vision for sustainability.

Our vision for sustainability shares our holistic approach to what we are trying to achieve and how we will achieve it.

Our vision begins with our internal responsibility, our footprint. We are dedicated to minimizing the environmental impact of our operations and fostering a culture that is safe, inclusive, accepting and engaging for our associates.

Beyond the scope of our operations, we are committed to a meaningful handprint, driving sustainable product innovation and helping our customers achieve their sustainability goals. Our people, expertise and position within the value chain create positive impact opportunities for our customers, suppliers and local communities. As a company, we embrace the opportunity to extend a hand, leave our mark and help build a better world.

Our goals


   We are committed to the following objectives:

  • To reduce our Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 35% per million USD of revenue by 2026 (against a 2019/2020 baseline).
  • To manage our Scope 3 emissions through supplier engagement, acknowledging that the outcome is not within our control.
  • To help our customers meet their own carbon reduction goals through sustainable products.



Our focus


ESG Governance

Ferguson has always taken pride in maintaining effective corporate governance that supports our core values and underpins our ability to set our overall strategic direction. The Board, who oversees Ferguson’s sustainability efforts and ESG strategy, has a vested interest in improving Ferguson’s ESG performance. Both the Board and the Executive Committee have structured their agendas to regularly receive ESG updates.

The Board’s formal Diversity Policy, reflects our belief that diversity in the boardroom makes business sense, bringing the benefit of differences in skills, experience, background, personality, culture and work style. We want to attract, develop, engage and retain the best associates irrespective of race, color, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, or any other characteristic that makes people unique.

As a people-focused company, Ferguson is committed to acting ethically in all its business activities, while remaining compliant with applicable laws and regulations. We are dedicated to managing a global supply chain that is socially and environmentally responsible.


A Commitment to Transparency

We continue to utilize the guidance and methods provided by SASB, considering all issues relevant to Multiline and Specialty Retailers & Distributors industry standards. View our 2022 SASB Disclosure within our FY2022 ESG Report

We engage with subject matter experts throughout the business to ensure sustainability considerations are embedded in our business strategy, consistent with the recommendations of the TCFD.

View our TCFD disclosure.

We report according to the scope and criteria described in our 2022 Basis of Reporting.

We pursue Independent Limited Assurance on specific ESG indicators in our ESG Report as described in our ERM CVS FY22 Assurance Statement

Ferguson has a long history of disclosing our environmental data. View our Climate Change CDP Responses below.

Ferguson plc - Climate Change 2021

Ferguson plc - Climate Change 2020

Ferguson plc - Climate Change 2019

Ferguson plc - Climate Change 2018


Our stories

Our sustainability activities have resulted in many successful initiatives from all of our businesses.


Sustainability contacts

For questions regarding our ESG strategy, please email: investor@fergusonplc.com.