Our Approach

The focus areas described in our “Better Business” framework are important to us and to our stakeholders. They actively support our growth, improve associate engagement and address our top risks and compliance requirements.

Sustainability and drivers of profitable growth

Our experience tells us that engaged associates deliver great levels of customer service – a key driver of profitable growth. We will continue to develop and motivate our people, embedding a strong culture of execution, to deliver our improved business models. To do this, we must above all keep our people safe and healthy.

Supplying our customers with products of ever-greater quality and performance will gain us a greater share of their business. Working closely with our customers to select the energy-efficient materials they need deepens our relationships and opens up new markets. Running operations that consume less energy and fuel reduces costs and improves margins.

All issues within the Better Business framework are linked to our business objectives and performance.

The symbols below are used throughout the Sustainability section to indicate which of our strategic drivers are most directly supported by each of the “Better Business” programme components. The strategic drivers are summarised in the strategy section of our website.