Business Model

We create value through the expertise of our people, our scale, bespoke logistics network, technology and the support and value added service offering we give our customers.

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Key resources and relationships

What makes us different?

  • Best associates

    Best associates

    We aim to recruit, develop and retain the best people with a passion for customer service. We have a strong sales culture which helps drive profitable growth.

  • Customers value scale

    Customers value scale

    We have market leading positions in the majority of our markets. These markets offer opportunities for strong growth and continued consolidation. As a market leader, we benefit from economies of scale across our supply chain network, sourcing and technology that many local competitors cannot compete with.

  • Value added services

    Value added services

    We are differentiated by the services we offer, which are highly valued by our customers and make their projects better. Our relentless focus on training and developing our associates and the advice, service and support they offer our customers is something that sets us apart. It is an area that few of our competitors can match, with the added benefit of being able to introduce our own trusted brands at higher margins.

Our value added services
make our customers projects better

  • Sourcing


    One of the widest ranges of branded and exclusive own brand products.

    • Own brand
    • Exclusive distribution
    • Non-stock items
    • Project information / specification
  • Bidding


    Supporting our customers with advice and take-off software to help them win jobs.

    • Take off software
    • Value engineering
    • Project-specific tendering
  • Customized solutions

    Customized solutions

    Providing expertise to make the construction process easier and more efficient.

    • Value and automation
    • Fabrication
    • Pre-assembled units and kits
    • 24/7 commercial water heater service
  • Sales channels

    Sales channels

    An omnichannel offer to provide flexibility and maximize access to our services and products.

    • Inside sales
    • Showroom consultancy
    • Field/outside sales
    • Call/e-commerce call centers
    • Online and EDI*
    • Credit and warranty services
    • No-hassle returns
    * Electronic data interchange.
  • Pick-up


    Nationwide outlets for face-to-face collection and on-the-spot advice.

    • 24/7 secure access
    • One-hour Pro pick-up
    • Scheduled forward delivery
    • Advice
    • Emergency out of hours
  • Delivery


    Same-day/next-day delivery of a broad range of products and solutions.

    • Same-day
    • Specialist e.g. “white glove”/crane truck
    • Call-off options
    • Geo-positioning of truck fleet
    • Curbside delivery

The value we create

Strong returns

We are able to generate strong returns by consistently winning market share and efficiently managing our operations.

Our shareholders

We are committed to delivering long-term value to our shareholders and sharing in our success through dividends.

Investors and Media

Our customers

We provide essential products and services which enable them to run their operations efficiently and help in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. We pride ourselves on our levels of customer service, which is reflected in our net promoter score in the USA.


is amongst the highest in our industry (2019/20)

Our Customers

Our associates

Our first priority is to make sure our associates are safe and have a place of work where they feel motivated and part of our success.

Our People

Our communities

We understand and respect our role in minimizing our carbon footprint, focusing on eco-friendly products and playing our part in supporting a variety of community and charity initiatives.

  • Carbon emissions


    improvement in 2019/20 versus 2015/16 baseline (23.3 to 21.8 tCO2e per $m revenue

  • Total waste


    improvement in 2019/20 versus 2015/16 baseline (3.7 to 3.5 US Tons per $m revenue)


*Numbers updated to reflect sale of UK business in January 2021.