Channels To Market

 Branches, e-commerce, showrooms and call centres

2,259 branches

Our customers interact with us through multiple sales channels on a 24/7 basis which is often a combination of branches, showrooms, transactional websites, call centres and inside/outside sales teams. We conduct the majority of our business through sales associates or consultants.

A large proportion of the business is still conducted through our branches and our extensive branch network means customers minimise the distance they travel to buy from us and visit several times a week. The branch network is also an important delivery channel, particularly when customers need immediate availability. This multi-channel approach allows our customers to access products and advice whenever it is required.

We manage our locations very carefully to ensure the health and safety of our associates, customers, suppliers and any other visitors. Health and safety risk assessments and branch audits are carried out regularly so that we maintain our equipment and product racking and are prepared for any potential emergency incident. Our insurers also support these efforts, undertaking their own safety assessments at selected key sites each year.