Our Customers

We sell to and advise a broad mix of customers from sole traders and small businesses up to large contractors and construction companies

Over 1 million customers

Customers rely on us for high levels of availability on a broad range of products, ready for collection or delivery when and where they need it. Our customers value high quality and efficient service from local relationships, competitive pricing, account-based credit and billing and order accuracy. They also want flexibility in choosing the most convenient way to do business with us, whether in a branch, by phone, mobile or online. Since the COVID-19 pandemic customers also want reassurance that we are taking measures to protect them and our associates, which is why we rapidly implemented new ways of working in line with governmental guidance.

These are the fundamental but transactional aspects of our business which need to be executed consistently. Additionally, Ferguson offers a broad range of services to help our customers with their projects. Some of these are summarized in the diagram below.

For example: same-day delivery, one-hour Pro pick-up, 24-hour emergency water heater replacement hotline or our outside sales associates visiting customer job sites to support them when they are bidding for work. These are just some of the services that add value to our customers and help us gain market share and continue to generate profitable growth. We operate our business responsibly so that our customers can feel confident that we look after our associates, provide safe and high-quality products, operate efficiently and actively contribute to the communities in which we operate. We consult with key customers each year to understand their business needs and their priorities so that we can continually evolve our business to meet their expectations. Where the market demand exists, we promote sustainable products and provide training and advice to customers to support growth in these new product categories. For example, customers of Build.com in the USA can filter their product search to view products with recognized national environmental labels, e.g. WaterSense (for more information see www.epa.gov/watersense). For information on how we engage with this stakeholder group see our Annual Report and Accounts 2020.