Code of Conduct

Ferguson will conduct its activities with honesty and integrity and according to the highest ethical standards. Put simply, we will do the right thing.

The Code of Conduct, introduced in 2010, describes the principles by which we expect to conduct our business and provides employees with guidance on the standards expected when conducting businesses on behalf of the Ferguson Group. The Code of Conduct was revised in 2019; and our employees receive regular training on its contents.

Key principles


Keeping Workplaces Safe, Secure and Healthy

We create a safe, secure and healthy work environment to protect ourselves, our coworkers and our communities from harm.

Fostering a Respectful Workplace

We treat everyone with dignity and respect and foster a supportive workplace that is free from harassment.

Respecting Human Rights

We believe that fundamental human rights must be respected in how we operate our business.



Doing Business the Right Way

We are honest and accurate when representing the value of our products and services. We have a zero tolerance policy regarding fraud, bribery and corruption in our business.

Working with Our Government Customers

When we do business with government customers, we embrace the special responsibilities of supplying goods and services under public contracts.

Doing Business Globally

We act with integrity in the global marketplace by honoring all applicable laws governing importing and exporting and other international transactions.



Avoiding Conflicts of Interest

As associates, we put the goals and interests of Ferguson before our own personal gain, so our decisions benefit both our business and our customers.

Keeping Accurate Records and Accounts

We keep clear, accurate records and always give complete and truthful information about the Company’s accounts to our auditors, government agencies or other interested parties.

Safeguarding Our Reputation

We each have a role to play in protecting Ferguson’s superior reputation for integrity.



Contributing to Our Communities

We are dedicated to strengthening our communities and making a positive impact on the world through our work.

Protecting the Environment

We care for our communities and show it by minimizing the environmental impact of our work, minimizing waste and reducing any negative impact of our business activities on the environment.