Purpose, Vision, Mission and Values

Our purpose is to act as a trusted supplier and partner to our customers, providing innovative products and solutions to make their projects better. Our associates are the driving force of the business and a key differentiator in how we achieve our purpose and create value. They are guided by our Vision, Mission and Values that are a reminder of the goals we are working towards and how we expect to get there.

Our Vision:

To be a trusted partner and deliver the best service to customers in our industry.

Our Mission:

Our associates provide expert advice and a range of products and services our customers want to improve their construction, renovation and maintenance projects.

Our Values:

Our values recognise the behaviours that guide our actions and those of our Company. 


Nursing home emergency

“It was late on a Friday afternoon when I got the call that two boilers had gone down at a nursing home with an immediate need for replacement parts. Without hot water and an immediate fix, the nursing home would need meals catered or have to relocate residents to alternative locations – both costly options and disruptive to the elderly residents. Time was of the essence. I quickly picked up the replacement parts from the supplier representative and drove three hours to the customer’s location, arriving at 9:30p.m. Ten minutes after I left, the customer called to let me know they were up and running. Through our 24/7 Commercial water heater programme, Ferguson is available around the clock to provide delivery to the point of installation and offer haul-away and disposal of old units. But to me, service is just what we do. It’s the friendship and the service that creates customer loyalty and repeat business.”

Walter Smith
Category Sales Specialist


Safety observations key to raising awareness

“In 2019 we started safety observations, a program where executives observe and ask questions to front-line associates to learn about the risks associates face every day. I wrongly assumed that branch associates would not want to participate, but they embraced the opportunity to share feedback. They appreciated that we not only cared enough to implement new programs to create a safer work environment, but that we followed up to see how things were going. They were eager to share what was working and what could be improved. It was also a great opportunity to get in front of our associates and let them know we value their contributions. I found myself being more attentive and questioning behaviours after the visit. Safety moments, stand downs, safety observations – they are all part of creating a safe environment and building our First in Safety culture that absolutely leads to better service.”

Todd Young
Vice President, Commercial



Partnering with customers for win‑win results

“We expanded our influence beyond our typical customer base and worked with a general contracting team that is building a stadium in Los Angeles. Understanding the customer’s wants and needs was critical, and Quotations Manager Willie Worthan worked tirelessly on a competitive bid while I managed the relationship. We specified a balanced product bundle of branded manufacturers’ products and own brand products at competitive prices that would fulfil their needs. The large order resulted in Ferguson supplying PROFLO™ toilets, from our own brand range, and other plumbing products for the stadium.”

David Richeal
Commercial Area Sales Manager


“Through the College of Ferguson, I learned so much about the industry, our customers and the products we sell in just five short months. All new sales trainees go through a similar training program. The program provided a combination of hands-on learning, supplier site visits and classroom training. I saw how different types of pipe are made and the real-life application of our products. I spent two months in the warehouse, learning how to pick orders, drive a forklift and doing a variety of warehouse operational tasks. I shadowed Inside Sales, Outside Sales and the Estimating teams to learn more about our customers, their needs and the solutions Ferguson provides. Product knowledge training was a huge part of the experience. The program helped me see the full picture of the Waterworks business. Learning to listen to our customers’ needs and solve their problems is a huge part of what I do. This program prepared me for a career at Ferguson, not just a job, and the experience was invaluable. The culture of the associates and environment makes the job feel welcoming and excites me for the future.”

Brittany Kinsella
Inside sales representative, Waterworks


“Automated valve technology is key for water disposal operations in the midstream oil and gas market. Engineers from a water gathering company brought us a unique challenge to solve – no power to operate the valves. By calculating the number of cloudy and sunny days in the oilfields, our team determined that we would need to design and install 22 solar-power control stations, each with its own solar panels to generate the electricity needed to power the actuator for five strokes per day, over a five-day period, with little or no sunlight. The system also includes a low-voltage alarm that notifies pipeline operators if the power from the solar system has dropped below the level required for valve operation and the valves can be operated remotely. With solar power, we developed a reliable, environmentally friendly solution that was less expensive than running power, while building our credibility – a true win-win for our US industrial business and the customer.”

Jack DiFranco
Category Sales Specialist, US Industrial


“Ferguson comes to the rescue when no one else can, especially in times of natural disaster. Initially we support communities by supplying items such as generators and drinking water to help communities get back on their feet. Through our vast distribution network and wide product range, we work to help with the rebuild process. Recent examples are Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. I go in, assess the situation and bring in Ferguson resources and supplies that will help get people back on their feet. The sooner our customers place purchase orders, the quicker we can get to rebuilding the lives of the people in these ravaged communities. There are billions of dollars earmarked from the federal government for disaster work. We need to be fast and efficient and demonstrate our value to government agencies in rebuilding communities. If we have products in customers’ hands when they need them, then we’ve done our job, connecting our resources to the people who need them most.”

Matt Lowry
Business Development Manager